Questions Smart Sellers Ask – Agent Selection

G’day everybody, Scott from King & Heath Paynesville here.

Recently you may have received this in your mail box.  Today I am going to discuss one of the 8 Questions smart sellers ask when choosing a real estate agent.

When choosing a real estate agent, the questions asked will dictate the information you uncover and help you with the agent you hire.

The answers to these questions will provide all the information you need to decide if an agent’s strategy and philosophy is right for you.

This first question you should ask is:

What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

Look for answers beyond the superficial.  Examples may include “I sell lots of houses in this area”, or “our average time on market is only 22 days”.

Be wary of agents that are self-focused, especially those who simply sit and talk about property they have sold.

Good agents will focus on you and your goals, and how they can help get you where you want to go.  Good agents are well trained in methods and strategies of sale that benefit YOU, the seller.

Decide what it is YOU are looking for in an agent.

Agent selection is a key factor in making smart selling decisions. Your agent will guide you through decisions around price, method of sale, use of advertising media and marketing, and any strategy should be designed to get you the best price in the market.

Hiring the right agent to sell your property is crucial.  Hiring the wrong agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. Take great care when deciding which agent to trust.

If you’d like to know more about the ‘8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask’, give us a call or drop into one of our offices and we’d be happy to give you a free copy of our booklet.

We’ll be back again soon with another great question smart home sellers ask when choosing their real estate agent.

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